Friend’s eyes


I know why we need dogs.

Because It is one of few animals, which gonna wait us in empty house. We close a door and leave a dog behind it, we are in a rush, we don’t have opportunity to take a dog with us or we simply don’t want to do it. And lonely dog will walk around in a cold house, lay on the owner’s bed, smell owner’s slippers, finish food left for it and wait…and wait…and wait.

And there is that saddest look in the eyes of a dog forgotten at home. I know, why we need dogs. Not for protection, we are just hoping that there is someone waits for us at home when we are back, some one who always be glad to see us, who will love us despite what we do and how much we earn. We need dogs for a selfish reasons more the less.

But I also saw a different dog’s eyes, happy and calm and always next to a buddy. Normally those eyes belong to the dog’s homeless owner friend.


Есть такое выражение: «Что ты смотришь на меня глазами собаки, забытой на даче».

Эти глаза передают океан, океан одиночества и надежды на то, что скоро вернётся хозяин. Я видела и другие глаза собак, спокойные и улыбающиеся, как правило они принадлежат тем псам, чьи хозяева бездомны.