Day number 3

20170629_105634 (2)Today we are at almost 3000m altitude. My bum is on fire and the rest of the muscles are on strike. That path with a steel wire wasn’t quite straight (photo).

Reaching the peak I see…snow. Some sort of a Christmas in July. It certainly feels that way for me and I’m celebrating every second. Mainly because there is no more walking for today. But Champagne wouldn’t hurt. I’m sweaty, standing in snow in my short pants. Hot and cold «feelings» mixed together.

20170701_120653 (2)

Tonight we are staying in a hut on top of the mountain. It is busy here and we are too early. Bedtime is a few hours away and to be honest I’m looking forward to sleep, especially knowing that I gonna share a room with 11 other hikers. What could be better than a room of farting and snoring people? Oh dear! I find this thought is too disturbing to keep in my head. I need a help.

No book in my bag, only a phone with empty battery, so we decided to play cards for the rest of the day. It is not that kind of reward you are waiting for after a long and painful climb. But I quickly change my mind when I look at the snow and wind greeting newcomers. Anything is better in comparison. My mind, body and spirit are getting numb at that point. I’m reaching my summit. Looks like in altitude the air does become thin and less concentrated so do my thoughts. But there is always a reward when you least expect it.

20170701_173340 (2)

Clouds are gone and we can see that we are on the top of the world with a breathtaking view over Dolomites. The sun is visiting the peaks for the last time today to kiss and say “Good night”. It always does this way. Every day. For million of years and nothing changed. Time stopped. This feeling is worth millions. At this point nothing else matters, even not a few snorers.

20170702_054412 (2)

20170702_054356 (2)

Things, which make us bigger

IMG_7764 (2)

Today we went to the indoor climbing.

That little girl could move so easily up there. I knew it’s not gonna be hard! I climb there too. And I felt great till the point, when I had to go down.

I had to say that I’m not a big fan of hights, I’m not fan at all. I couldn’t jump down! I was contemplating for couple of minutes. When you are hanging up there couple of minutes feel so long, soooo looong! I “crawl” down. And only after my serious talk to myself I did it.

Look at this! Such an easy thing to do, but it did push my boundaries to the limit where I couldn’t hide any more , I had to accept a new rules and do something scary for me: relax and trust. Who would it think, that “relaxing” and “trusting”, “letting it go” and “stop controlling” are so difficult. Well, it wasn’t a physical challenge, not for me though, it was a mental challenge which at the end made me 3 times bigger. You grow fast, especially when your limits get broken.


Сегодня вечером нас занесло на скалодром. И не велики эти скалы, но велик страх.

Страх мирно спал, когда я залезла наверх, но он проснулся неожиданно, и от ужаса, в какое место занесло мою ж…, запретил мне разжимать пальцы. Пришлось корячиться назад. Смешно однако, особенно тем пятилетним детям, что смотрели на меня снизу.

Пот и дрожь во всех членах была наградой за преодоление. Оказалось, что сложнее всего отпустить, перестать контролировать и довериться страховке. После сегодняшних занятий меня раздуло на три размера – это я так выросла в своих глазах.