The answer.


Yesterday we were in Williamstown.

And on the peer we saw a famous boat of Sea Shepherds. Impressive. Frankly saying, I’ve always loved this organisation. There is a lot of self dedication and romantism in every story they bring from a sea, and it is such a great task they are working on – saving marine wildlife (some of it) in the world’s oceans from a slaughter in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

But for some reason now I associate Sea Shepherds with another story. I remember a couple of years ago huge laud campaign which was in every possible news paper. Japanese fishing boat attacked Sea Shepherd’s black boat mistaken it for a whale. Boat was damaged, whale saved, Sea Shepherds happy and international case was open.  And on the next morning I’ve overheard following conversation:

– How could some people kill whales? -asked one young man.

– They eat them, -answered another shortly.

– You can’t eat whales! It is great that at least someone is there to protect them. They are beautiful and under protection and it’s like eating dolphins, even worse!!!

–  (slowly with dignity) I don’t understand why is it such a big noise you are making about those whales? – asked an old lady, pronouncing every word with a thick French accent. And passionate young man tried to explain her that fishing boats from Japan not just committed a crime, but have no human feelings for beautiful animals, they are harvesting whales for food and it’s disgusting.

– Well, I understood that, but why in this case you don’t “scream” about thousands of cows killed by us every day?

Silence. She walks away.

Well, even tree years later I’m, myself still searching the answer on this question.