Prejudice and ignorance

Prejudice and ignorance are two biggest killers of women soccer.

Just as FFA announced placing their bid for the FIFA Women World Cup 2023 and launched a new #GetOnside campaign, I decided to write why #GetOnSide can quickly become a #StandASide campaign.

Our Government developed a strategy to help shape the future of women’s sport at all levels: Government of NSW – Office of Sport “Women in Australia sport are shining brighter than ever”; Government of Victoria – VicHealth website “Sport provides a valuable setting to change social norms, attitudes and culture to advance gender equality. VicHealth has been proudly championing the important role women all over Victoria and Australia play in society, and in today’s context, in sports participation, leadership, management, media and as professional athletes, “

And yet, the reality is very confronting. Last Sunday I went to see the W-League’s Melbourne Victory vs Adelaide United game.

The first game of the season. A pretty big deal, you would think? If you think that then you are the only one who does.

Not because the girls played badly, they did well, indeed it was a very interesting game, but because of the number of spectators.


For those of you who don’t know – this game was free. Yes, FREE! You buy a ticket for the men’s game – you also get a free entry for the earlier girl’s game, buy 1, get 2. It is some sort of sale of an unwanted product or an awkward promotion of an expiring offer. Or even worse, you are buying a ticket for men’s game and if you come earlier – there is an entertainment for you: a few girls chasing a ball around– what a bonus!

It would be funny if it had not been so sad. Girls are not attracting a crowd therefore, they will wait for 2023 to get acknowledgment and cost controlling sorted. International guest will fill the seats. And problem appears to be solved!


I’m sure many people think that there is only one sport dedicated for girls: netball.

Is it because we assume women’s soccer is a low-quality game?

Seriously? Look where on the International ladder the Matilda’s are and where the boys’ Socceroos finished at the last World Cup. Unpleasant truth. Do we still believe boys are playing better?

Or is it because as a culture we give more support to the boys, rather than to the girls? Five minutes after the girl’s game finished I saw a thousand of fans pouring into the stadium to watch the guys play. Moreover, our wives and daughters, friends and mothers also arriving for a boy’s game only. Cause they could not care less or maybe they decided not to support girls at all? Maybe they don’t even know that girls were playing earlier on the day. Is it something to do with a decision taken by the “family decision maker”? And that is exactly the point – where women make themselves unimportant.


But tomorrow, you will be fighting for gender equality and crime prevention against women. It all starts from here: from our disinterest in something what is not directly related to your household or the life of other family members. Unfortunately, when we make sure we put others’ interests first we end up neglecting ours.

There is a thread, which unites few things, which at first, so different:

  • being unequal in spectator’s representation at sporting arenas is linked to having a high rate of domestic violence against women,
  • being unequal in pay and job offers is linked to being unequal in decision making, which all leads to general inequality in rights.

If we put ourselves second – we arrive last.

We send out a damaging message that physical strength is the prime quality. Unintentionally, we let everyone think that what girls want doesn’t count. And intentionally we have to change that now.

We not only can change, we must change it today!

This country has a chance to do things differently: to make a women’s game the main attraction and it depends on us here and now to make that change.

Simple as that, just pledge to visit at least three games of W-league this season, not all of them, but at least three games!!!

I’m opening up my calendar right now. It will only take a minute of my time. Let us not wait until tomorrow.

Invite your friends, bring your partner earlier to the stadium, let your family enjoy the girl’s game, the game which will make a big difference to how women are regarded in our society. The game which grows healthy kids and healthy relationships, healthy dreams and healthy ambitions.

Can’t visit three games? Buy three tickets – you don’t have to come, give them to your friend as a gift.

Don’t have spare money? Let’s create a #I’llBeThere and make it loud, spread a word around.

You are too busy to think about it? Share this article with three of your friends for a start.

I don’t know what else I can/may ask of you? We can do so much(!) and so little at the same time. This should be just like elections, you don’t let anyone choose for you. After all, one game will show you why women’s soccer will be number one in this country.

Go girl power! Our time has come.


Message to me

IMG_5203 (3)Last week I was in Tasmania experiencing the best of the island. It was not my first time, so I knew where I was going, I was prepared. Tazzie is famous for many things and a few of those were on my “to do” list: Tasmanian sparkling in the morning with oysters, fish and chips for a dinner and Mona during the Mofo festival. I also wanted to see as many sunrises and sunsets as possible.

People say: “good things come unexpected”, I have to add a Tasmanian twist to it: some of the “expected things” were even better than just good and some of the unexpected things might be considered by as bad. Not only by us! For example, who knew that in a few areas in Tasmania petrol stations are more than 100km apart? And there is only one taxi driver for the whole area, which might be busy or have a day off. Who knew?

Good things: now I know that running out of petrol near the Great lake is not such a good thing, unless you want to get an additional day in Tasmania as present because you’ve missed your flight ;P

Another positive thing – at Mofo I had a chance to leave a message for Donald. If I knew the situation with the petrol stations in Tasmania I would probably reconsider my speech and leave a message for myself: “Don’t trust in petrol, believe in sparkling”.

IMG_5228 (2)





When you are a future…

IMG_4702 (2)

This December I was in Russia and got to know a few interesting people.

One of my new “friends” lives in Switzerland, another in United States of America. So when I text them simultaneously I wake up one of them and say “Good day to another”. At that point I’m almost ready to sleep and experienced my day to it’s best. So by the time I go to bed, I can let them know how good this day was. I never thought about it before, but by living in Australia I always live in the future and can send greetings to the past.

I guess, it must be funny to receive messages from the future and feel like you can send a thought to a digital universe and catch up on it a few hours later. Magic power of life prediction!!!

It is kinda easy to prognose your future if you are American…. I guess…😃😃😃😃

May be because Americans are the past in chronological sense. At least for Australians😃😃😃 uuups… sooorreeeeey

IMG_4681 (2)



Death attraction of an easy fix(?)

20171112_130054The other day I passed by the Shrine of Remembrance and was amazed how stunning this place is. It is located on a hill overlooking the lengthy Swan street. The main street of Melbourne starts from here, running through the Art Precinct, Federation Square, shops and the Cathedral.
This order is almost logical, and would be even more logical if Cathedral changed places with the Art centre, but so far street starts with a house of mass killed people and finishes with a house of…a crucified dead person.
And in-between we have a representation of the sole (art quarter) and government institution. Hmmm… kind of reality talking.

Anyway, even if art is not a final destination, the Shrine of Remembrance decided to bring some art into their place, attracting more people from the neighbourhood. Marketing team was brainstorming  (yes, I know, they have a whole team for it!) and came up with a great arty idea: to “plant” crafted poppies. The idea is incredibly attractive and it’s made this vast space even more artificial (excuse my ).

20171112_125930 (2)
It’s bloody vivid! (Looks like today is a word play day)

Staying at that place for a bit I again came back to the same conclusion that places like a “Shrine” glorify war even more.
We wanted to be remembered for generations and if you are not an important leader, artist or philanthropist you better die and be remembered forever that way.

No wonder that toy guns and pistols are a first effortless solution to be powerful and meaningful in games for every child, some sort of an easy fix (?)

20171112_130208 (2)





A wish

IMG_4689 (2)

I wish I knew….

I wish I knew what kind of person I am.

Am I the one who sits on the side of the warm pool? “It is the same water though, the same colour and probably the same taste,” – one says.

It is.

It is also safe because it’s framed around that “same water”. No, it’s not a box, no… Just a frame, which raises us above, gives stability and satisfaction. Probably, it promises a longer life as well…


But… there is another person. The one who looks at the ocean, the one who is waiting for the moment, the one who takes a risk and claims it all. The one!

And between those two there is only a frame. One line. One concrete line.

IMG_4690 (2)


Climbing thoughts

shadow (2).jpgI’m on the run.

Again can’t find a time to reflect myself. I should do it like Tolstoy who had at least 3 diaries with him and a pencil everywhere he went. One, the main diary, was shared with every member of the family (I would love to be a part of such family evening readings), another one was kept for his ideas and a third one for himself, this one he would hide in the trousers or in his shoe.

Every little thought was recorded and reflected. May be that’s why he is still the writer number one on the planet and a great thinker?

A few days ago I stayed up late with a friend and shared a bowl of ramen in the CBD. Thanks God there are a few places in Melbourne which are open all night long. And of course, we were discussing a cosmic energy transmission and a transition of one type of energy into another; what else can you discuss at 2am?

Anyway, knowing the first law of thermodynamics, which says that energy doesn’t disappear, it just transforms itself into another form, we assumed that the energy of electric impulses in the brain plus a few chemical reactions create a thought; thoughts create movement, movement is physical action which leads us to the following: electric impulses in your brain is the cause of physical movement. The energy of movement is undeniable cause we can see and may be even measure it. That leads to the assumption that the same energy in form of a thought exists and that means it can travel. Are you still with me?

Now here is the most interesting part: if it can travel it means that with my thought I can transmit the information over an indifferent distance. Not that I opened something huge now. It is a well-known fact, but I just suddenly realised that by thinking I create a big wave, which travels the space and effects people’s senses and potentially influences my future. Boom! Your wishes – your commands. So that brings us to another conclusion: firstly that only those people who think positively will have a positive future. And, secondly, that enthusiastic people are more likely to succeed.

My granny was right when she said to me: you always have to think good and positive – every moment of your life – because once a day there is a minute when your wishes come true and if your thought is bad it will effect you quickly.

O.k. today I decided to take my time not just tracking my thoughts (Oh, hello, meditation!) but also dream bright and big.

That’s what I wish to you too!

Attempt failed, but recorded

20170525_094815I’m in Sydney again and I stayed at the same hotel as last time.

For those who don’t remember – last time I had a post about a marihuana shop with a signage: ”Who are we hurting?”. This time I thought I gonna check on the growth of the plants.

Well, the only thing I saw this time was an empty shop with a sign “FOR LEASE”. I guess, those plants grew too quickly and harvest is over. A restaurant next door didn’t get the reward from food traffic as much as it had planned initially.

But it did bring a small reward to the rest of us. If we do feel like something has to be done and changed then we are the ones, who are responsible for it. If you know that your attempt will fail it doesn’t mean that the attempt is a failure. We gonna keep trying and one day we will change something. For some people it is about marihuana, for others about their lives. A brave step was taken and surely it left its traces.



Drug test or Painful question

mmm.jpgI haven’t been here in WordPress for a long time, but I gave myself a word as soon as I find a new job I will write at least once a week. Life a bit too hectic at the moment. Talking about hectic life and relaxation.

This week I was in Sydney. And while I was strolling through the streets of the biggest Australian city I saw this:

“Who are we hurting?”- said a shops signage. You might ask me what is this shop about?

If somebody didn’t get it yet – it is about giving love, sun and care for the plants. And I’m assuming people are waiting that those plants gonna “pay” them back. If they not gonna give them sun, they might provide some love and TLC.

And a restaurant next door got an extra traffic. It would be funny, if in a restaurant instead of the question: “What are you gonna drink today, guys?”, would ask: “Which drug are you gonna take today?”. Or something like: “We don’t supply marijuana, there is a shop next door. We are B.Y.O only”.

After all I guess there is no answer on the question “Who are we hurting?” apart from:  ourselves. But saying this, many people think this “pain” has to be legalised. We need to be free to choose our life, our death, our pain and our drug too.


Среди повседневной беготни, где- то в Сиднее, я прочла такую вывеску магазина: “Кому мы причиняем боль?”. Приглядевшись, я поняла, о чем вопрос.

Посреди самого большого города Австралии люди выращивают марихуану, надеясь не только получить желаемый урожай, но еще и социально взбудоражить общественность.

Общественность взбудоражилась, трафик пешеходов увеличился, ресторан по соседству поучил все дивиденды. И мне стало интересно, если все же марихуану легализуют, то, например, в ресторане будут спрашивать: ” Вы пить будете или курить? По сути дела, посетители будут отличаться только скоростью выхода из ресторана и прямотой ходьбы.

Hard work

IMG_4263 (2)Two questions are now on the agenda of our professional workforce.

First one: Shall we implement siesta or not? And second one: Shall we cut penalty rates for Sundays or not?

First question is important for those who go to bed at 11 p.m. or later (that’s me, but not my partner). Here is why it’s important: if you have a nap for an hour and a meal for two hours and go back to work after that, it might stretch your working hours to the “forever” point. And you have to live and breath your work space literally, staying there till 9 or 10 p.m. Who wants such a life? (I know the answer -lawyers! But I’m not a layer.) Latest statistics shows that only 9-11% are happy to work where they are. So stretching an “unhappy practice” would not help to improve our world.

Other news sound almost insulting: from now on Sundays will get paid less. To be honest, I never understood why Sundays are so different to Saturdays, for example. Working on Saturdays means you are missing all the parties, but working on Sundays is quite boring (read: easy) anyway. So my verdict is – No sleep during the day, but more money on Saturdays and resting on Sundays.

That would be great! Better would only be the Swedish way: implement a robot which would work for us and produce goods, but money gets paid to the citizens because the robot decided not to take salaries or a siesta. So “Yes” to Sunday siesta, Saturday high pay and robots at our workplace. The only thing I’m worried about is if robots don’t care about pay and rest, I hope, they also don’t care about promotions.


Два рабочих вопроса сегодня на повестке дня- сиеста и отмена высоких окладов по воскресеньям.

Ну с первым, все просто. Два дополнительных часа во время обеденного перерыва увеличат рабочий день до 9-10 вечера. А это значит, что с семьей я увижусь ночью. Не вариант. Зная, что большинство из нас ходят на нелюбимую работу (только 11% любят то, чем они занимаются), то продлевать пытки на целый день не хочется. Так что решено! Оставляем сиесту итальянцам и грекам.

А вот вопрос номер два не шуточный. Я голосую за поднятие почасовых ставок в субботу вместо воскресенья. В воскресенье все равно мало, что происходит. А вот в субботу – все вечеринки можно пропустить.

Так что, вот мое мнение- живем субботами, а спим по воскресеньям. Или еще лучше – все как в Швеции – робот работает, а население получает дополнительную выгоду, так как робот решил не брать ни денег, ни сиесты. Так что я голосую за расширение семей по швецкому варианту путем принятия робота в ячейку общества.

It’s a killer!

img_3633-2Recent news from Europe made me laugh and here is why.

One very passionate priest from Austria declared that yoga is evil and people, who practice yoga  are consumed by a bad spirit and already in devil’s hands. His argument was that after practicing yoga people feel out of their inner peace, less focus and other people even don’t want to see anyone (to be honest, when I’m tired and sweaty I also don’t feel like socialising).

Well, saying that in the Catholic centre in the same city they offer yoga classes openly and “shamelessly”-  obviously for some priests it is not a problem (they are probably more comfortable around sweaty and strong people??).

And I was thinking that Austrian priest’s worries are kinda understandable, because yoga is a part of Hinduism and he, obviously, doesn’t want people to experience it. Looks like Christians can share one church with other religions, but can’t tolerate “non-Christian” physical exercise. I’m wondering, does that priest experience yoga before saying his verdict or did he just assumed that yoga is a bad spirit? But if he did try yoga before then I completely understand him, cause on the second or third day after the practice I also feel that “this was evil”.


Где-то в далекой, заснеженной Австрии, слегка подмороженный священник извлек из коробочки с мозгом постулат о том, что йога- это дьявольская практика, наставляющая людей на путь сатаны. Однако, в том же, все ещё заснеженном австрийском городе, в каталическом центре поблизости дают уроки йоги без всякого стеснения… видимо, не согласовали с “начальником”.

Священник попал в новости и даже во множество интервью; а я лишь надеюсь, что “начальник” оценил инициативу, и отметил его знаменем. И мне интересно, как тот самый священник решил, что йога – это от дьявола? Делал ли он умственные предположения или все же он попробовал физически ощутить это на себе, перед тем, как заявить во всеуслышание о необходимости отказа от сатанинских практик? Если так, то я его очень даже понимаю, потому что на второй или третий день после занятий, я тоже чувствую, как у меня всё как -то чертовски болит.