Message to me

IMG_5203 (3)Last week I was in Tasmania experiencing the best of the island. It was not my first time, so I knew where I was going, I was prepared. Tazzie is famous for many things and a few of those were on my “to do” list: Tasmanian sparkling in the morning with oysters, fish and chips for a dinner and Mona during the Mofo festival. I also wanted to see as many sunrises and sunsets as possible.

People say: “good things come unexpected”, I have to add a Tasmanian twist to it: some of the “expected things” were even better than just good and some of the unexpected things might be considered by as bad. Not only by us! For example, who knew that in a few areas in Tasmania petrol stations are more than 100km apart? And there is only one taxi driver for the whole area, which might be busy or have a day off. Who knew?

Good things: now I know that running out of petrol near the Great lake is not such a good thing, unless you want to get an additional day in Tasmania as present because you’ve missed your flight ;P

Another positive thing – at Mofo I had a chance to leave a message for Donald. If I knew the situation with the petrol stations in Tasmania I would probably reconsider my speech and leave a message for myself: “Don’t trust in petrol, believe in sparkling”.

IMG_5228 (2)