When you are a future…

IMG_4702 (2)

This December I was in Russia and got to know a few interesting people.

One of my new “friends” lives in Switzerland, another in United States of America. So when I text them simultaneously I wake up one of them and say “Good day to another”. At that point I’m almost ready to sleep and experienced my day to it’s best. So by the time I go to bed, I can let them know how good this day was. I never thought about it before, but by living in Australia I always live in the future and can send greetings to the past.

I guess, it must be funny to receive messages from the future and feel like you can send a thought to a digital universe and catch up on it a few hours later. Magic power of life prediction!!!

It is kinda easy to prognose your future if you are American…. I guess…😃😃😃😃

May be because Americans are the past in chronological sense. At least for Australians😃😃😃 uuups… sooorreeeeey

IMG_4681 (2)



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