Shakespeare seat

IMG_9823 (2)

I was flying in the morning from a tiny airport on a tiny plane with a tiny candy as my breakfast.

I don’t like small planes. They shake, they are noisy and seemed old and flimsy. They are not, but it’s just my feelings. And yes, I’m afraid to fly. In the middle of this feeling discoveries flight attendant said to me that I’m sitting on the Shakespeare seat.

– What? –  I asked and try to figure out when and how Shakespeare could have my seat.

-You are sitting on 2B, right? -she looked at me and smiled.

-Yeeeeas? –  I tried to think fast, but she quickly concluded her joke:

– To Be or not 2B!

-That’s the question, -I automatically replied, and thought that on this airplane it is really a question, actually on every plane…Deep breath…. Aaaghhh

– Relax, -I said to myself, -you are not a prince of Denmark, so you don’t have to make choices… Shakespeare will do it for you.

And drama just began…


И опять непереводимая игра слов. Прямо “Чиорт поберри”! В общем, довольствуйтесь простым английским текстом, сорррриии


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